Wildcard domain serverless applications

Adding Licenses to Code Projects I’ve been starting to get back into personal programming projects, especially as I get more familiar with Python and NodeJS. Hoping that some of the stuff I create is actually useful, I wanted to make sure it was appropriately licensed. GitHub makes it easy to attach a license when creating […]

More Alfred/Screen Sharing fun

Following the last post, I’ll comment that I use Screen Sharing very regularly. Each time I open it in macOS 10.13, I need to start typing before it auto-completes my last session. To save a few seconds, I wrote a quick Alfred workflow that scans my recent Screen Sharing profile history (located in a user […]

macOS 10.13 Screen Sharing: Command key glitches

I recently was provided a new MacBook for work (previously I’d been using my personal Mac, and we’re tightening data security). I purged the personal laptop of all corporate data, but I still prefer my personal machine and setup when working from home. So I started using Mac’s built-in Screen Sharing.app, connecting to the work […]

Making an Athena table from the SecLists repo

If you’re into web security, you have hopefully heard of SecLists. It’s an amazing repository of keywords, indicators, payloads, passwords and more. It’s great not just for SecOps, but also developers and QA who want to step up their security game. As part of a project I’m working on, I wanted to be able to […]

hurricane season

This guy on the news is claiming that he doesn’t think the current hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, Jose) are connected in any way to global warming. Seems like a scientist would want some more data before making that kind of a claim…

Detecting public-read S3 buckets

I’m kind of surprised I couldn’t easily find something like this elsewhere. After all the recent news about unsecured (or very poorly secured) AWS S3 buckets, I wanted to find a quick and easy way of checking my own buckets. Between the several AWS accounts I manage, there are hundreds. AWS sent out an email […]

Randomly redistributing files with bash

This was was damn confusing, but the solution is absurdly obvious. I needed to relocate a large number of files from a single source into a collection of subfolders. (These subfolders were essentially worker queues, so I wanted a roughly even distribution every time new files appeared in the source folder.) But I noticed that […]